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We appreciate your visit to our website. These pages have been designed to acquaint the visitors with the intellectual and physical vistas of our institution. All the information about the academy and its programmes are readily available at this site. Whether you want to inquire about the faculty members, results or admissions, these web pages offer you adequate information. At, MGES we believe developing students' self confidence along with a sense of responsibility, initiative and creativity. There character traits serve them well in life. With this philosophy in mind, we offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities, enabling our students to develop these essential skills and making it possible for them to achieve high academic standards.
First in knowledge, shall be first in might !

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I welcome you to Multan Garrison Education system Multan Cantt. The credibility of APSACS in colouring and injecting competitive spirit to the country's education arena is undeniable. It is beyond any doubt, the most reputable institution that not only provide a young child with the best education but also groom him/her to be a useful citizen. The educational system being followed is highly flexible, dynamic and progressive, which can meet the challanges of today as well as tomorrow. We belive that the task of education can be best achieved when parents and teachers work in close harmony, so we extend our especially warmest welcome to you and your son or daughter as they join us at MGES.
I am hopeful that you will benefit yourself from this newly launched website of MGES.

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