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Department of Architecture Engineering
College of Engineering and Technology
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

The Department has become the first choice among incoming students from both Southern Punjab and the rest of Pakistan. The core success of the department lies in its unrelenting rigor and focus on teaching and learning.  Academic rigor in the School is legendary which is known in the academic and professional circles across the country. The selection of Teaching Faculty-Full time as well as visiting is done by the HOD and Dean by hand picking them based on their talent. A thorough investigation is made into the background, attitude, skill levels and professional standing through peer review. Each faculty is expected to specialize in a certain area of study in architecture.


The Architecture Department will provide the students with a stimulating intellectual environment with enthusiastic faculty contributing to a dynamic engagement with current design issues as well as a multiplicity of perspectives and design style. The department will aid students in developing clarity of purpose and a broad sense of responsibility of their judgments and actions as professionals.

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