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Department of Computer Engineering
College of Engineering and Technology
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

The Department of Computer Engineering is enhancing and maintaining an environment of educational excellence in the computing disciplines, that offers:

Exceptional growth experiences for students, faculty, and staff, motivating and empowering them by providing sufficient breadth to facilitate life-long learning and professional success.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, includes a sequence of courses designed to develop advanced knowledge in computing, programming languages, digital and analog circuits, digital computer design, telecommunication systems, local/WIDE area networks (LAN/WAN), embedded control systems, AND real-time systems.


B.Sc. Computer Engineering programme is designed,

  • To produce creative and resourceful professional who are qualified to serve the industry
  • To carry out research and development and its applications
  • To train individuals who would contribute substantially to the ambitious goals of the country


The vision of the department is to be the center of excellence for

  • Dovetailing the academic pursuits with changing needs of industry.
  • Research, development and higher studies in Computer Engineering.
  • Attracting and fostering talent by providing diverse, stimulating and intellectual environment for faculty and students.