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Department of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering and Technology
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established and was affiliated with PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL). Mechanical Engineering emphasizes on Design, Materials & Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering, and also interdisciplinary areas like CAD/CAM/CAE, Automation, Operational Research, Managerial Aspects of Industry, etc. The department has its own independent building in the campus.

The department of mechanical engineering functions with the prime goal of imparting sound and proper mix of theory and practical courses in the fundamentals and recent technological developments of mechanical engineering and allied disciplines to the students so that the students, on completion of the course, get good opportunities in industries and higher education. The other objectives of the department are: promotion of research and development activities, providing consultancy services to the Industries and conducting continuing education programs.


To produce high quality Mechanical engineers to suit diverse sectors of industry namely design, manufacturing, services, research & development, information technology and to promote technology & society symbiosis.


  • Programmes for career development of students
  • Quality Improvement programmes for FACULTY development
  • Strengthening Consultancy and Product development
  • Masters programme in core areas
  • Laboratories with state of the art infrastructure and high-end software
  • Centre for Advanced Studies, Research Centres in emerging areas